Here are some short clips of Pete playing solo. 

How High the Moon

Morgan Lewis wrote “How High the Moon” in 1940 as a slow ballad. Because of its complex and interesting chord progressions, however, the song became a bebop favorite and is now almost always performed up-tempo.

Ain't Misbehavin'

Although Fats Waller was primarily known for his stride piano style, few people know that he is also known as the “grandfather of jazz organ".  The 1978 Broadway tribute to his music, Ain’t Misbehavin’, won a Tony for best musical.

Tea for Two

“Tea for Two,” was originally cried by 18th Century English street vendors wanting to attract business by lowering the price of a pot of tea from thruppence to tuppence.  In the 19th century, when Victorian ladies and gentlemen met in the afternoon for tea, the order of “Tea for Two” was often an early sign of courting.

After You're Gone

Written by the black vaudville team of Creamer and Layton, this song was first sung by Al Jolson and later included in the repertoires of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and many others.

Nancy's Song

This song was written by the pianist, Peter Torpey, in 1983 for the woman he was dating at the time.  Nancy and Peter were married later that year and their love for each other remains as fresh as it was back then!

The Peter Torpey Trio

Piano, guitar and bass playing jazz standards

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